More info row on cgridview

I found a topic but i didnt make it work. I dont know how can i add id on rows as data’s id. etc…

I want to add an extra row above every data row as hidden and a data will be written on it with same model.

| name | status

john 1 view details

adres:xxx yyy zzz (hidden row)

And place a detail button in cbuttoncolumn. when click on it, will show hidden row. Need your help, thanks…

Here is my gridview










		'' ,









			'buttons'=>array (

						'detail'=> array(

                        'label'=>'Show Details', 

                        'url'  =>'Yii::app()->createUrl("drugupdate/view", array("id"=>$data->id))',

                        'options'=>array('title'=>'Show details','class'=>'detailsLink'),






any help would be nice… :)

I really don’t know if the widget supports something like what you want.

But a solution would be to give some column a specific value, where you’d include a hidden div or span with some class, which you’d show by jQuery when the user clicks the button.

The downside is that it’s not really a separate row (as I get it you want), but limited to one column of your choice.

And maybe you could see if this GroupGridview extension can help (I guess it could).

I think i can hide a div on an existing row and i can show it with jQuery… But it’s better to add an extra row :) Thank you