More feature on CRUD


I’m using Yii for my current project and I can’t describe how much I love it.

I’ve used CRUD functionality a lot for the site’s back end. No doubt I’ve finished the back end a lot faster than usual but I had to work modifying CRUD functionalities a lot. Based upon my little experience I can say developer can save the CRUD modifying time if CRUD functionality improved by the following way.

For example:

in Relational case, I had to use Drop down to show parent table data while create a record on child table.

Change boolean 0/1 to Yes/No.

the above 2 goes for on search page as well.

integrate the image upload functionalities.

While we are generating CRUD functionalities if it asked the field type explicitly from the user then developer can save time.

For example ‘active’ field, will it be textbox / checkbox?

‘image_url’ field, will it be textbox / file upload?

‘relation’/ will it be textbox / dropdown / radio button? etc

I know everyone will blame me as a lazy developer :P

But in some cases it will save a lot of time if the number of table is large (in my case it is 34 tables), If we can generate backend using CRUD we can focus on main task of the site, and it will speed up the process tremendously.

Sounds great.

I’ve been trying to do something like that, but I have not much spare time recently to finish what I started, however it would be great if Yii will have it integrated in the core.

Best regards.