More code samples in the documentation


since Yii is still in a very early state I would like to ask if it is possible to enhance the documentation with many code samples right from the start?

Since I am relative new to PHP and to Prado I had sometimes a hard time to figure out how to use some of the functions and classes and finally had to look into the sources to understand.


Welcome aboard!

Yes, we are always trying to put more code examples in tutorials. Since you are new, you probably should read the following section first to get started:


Since the Guide is a definitive one, it is not suitable to make it a cookbook by putting in code to solve various individual tasks. We will create more tutorials for that purpose.

If you encounter any problem, feel free to ask here.


I read the quickstart already and will try Yii seriously as soon as I finish my running Prado project which should be end of this week.  :)

I am thinking about using Yii in my next project because the programming model is more like I am used to.