Hi, good morning.
I’m a new user for the Yii framework. I have a problem with Yii export library. I just follow the documentation in this link:, output have come out like encoding views.

I show the output image for reference.

my code view:

                            'models' => User::find()->where(['status'=>1])->all(),
                            'mode' => 'export', //default value as 'export'
                            'columns' => ['id','phone','email'], //without header working, because the header will be get label from attribute label. 
                            //'headers' => ['id' => 'Header Column 1','phone' => 'Header Column 2', 'email' => 'Header Column 3'], 

view results:

Hey! I have the same issue, have you solved it or do toy have an idea how to deal with this?

In response mihed HTML and Excel data