Mongodb with integer as _id field

I try to have a functionnal gridview with a collection that have an integer as _id field instead of an objectid. In gridview, I can filter my columns with all fields except the _id. And I can’t have a detailview because it seems that it expect an objectid as the primary key. I then have the message: " Please specify the “model” property." in reference to the view line: echo DetailView::widget([ ‘model’ => $model

In my controller, I have this usual code:

public function actionView($id)
			$model = Products::findOne(['_id' => Yii::$app->request->get('_id')]);
			return $this->render('view', [
			'model' => $model,

It’s the first time I have to use a MongoDb database and I’m a little bit lost here. How can I define in the model, that the primary key of my Mongodb collection is an integer?
Thanks a lot!

adding a gridview file and view file with detailview code will be better. You can write $model = Products::findOne(['_id' => $id]);

Thanks InsaneSkull. I have the same error message with your code. And the message, as we can see in detailview code is

if ($this->model === null) {throw new InvalidConfigException('Please specify the "model" property.');

Which means that the request doesn’t return anything.

My code in controller for gridview (which shows all the data in my collection and which I can filter with any fields except _id) is the default one generated by gii:

public function actionIndex()
		$searchModel = new ProductsSearch;
		$dataProvider = $searchModel->search(Yii::$app->request->getQueryParams());

		return $this->render('index', [
			'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,
			'searchModel' => $searchModel,

I must specify that I have other collections with an obectid as primary key and I don’t have any problem with those.

And my detailview is also quite a generic one:

    echo DetailView::widget([
        'model' => $model,
        'attributes' => [

Finally, the url for the detailview point to the good _id of the catalog:

what is the output of $model?. it is empty according to detail view error.

The output, with vardump is an empty array. I have find a way to make it work by selecting an alternative primarykey, which also have unique values. And I have set it in the model like this::

public static function primaryKey()
   // return ['_id'];
   return ['product'];

And then, in my queries:

query->select(['product', 'name'])
		->where(['product' => $id]) //this work
                ->where(['_id' => $id]) //this does not work

Thanks for your help! Now, I have something working, not the ideal solution, but it works. Still curious to know why I can’t have a result with the true primarykey.

The problem is how the view url is generated. Url may be generated using different column instead of _id. Check the code of the link and change the view url in grid if needed.

Actually see the docs TBH i have no experience with mongodb. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your help InsaneSkull! I’ll check that. :slight_smile: