Mongo DB (document based databases)

hello Devs,

Are you planning to implement document based database support, like Mongo DB?



I join a question. It is necessary as the breath of life.


to ekerazha

For example for creation of catalogues of the goods with possibility of search in any parametres. At use of relational databases it is reached only by means of EAV that badly affects productivity of such applications. MongoDB is not relational DB, it’s modern schemaless DB.

Whether here it will be essentially not so important support MongoDB or not, it can quite be and support CouchDB. But I consider that one of objective DB given in Yii should be.

to quang

What do you think of it?

I agree to imehesz and CreoTek - I just spent a few hours checking out mongoDb and I’m really impressed about how easy and fast it is. As you can simply store an array, object, string, number or binary without converting it into a defined schema. It saves a lot of time to convert and restore the data. I’m not sure if it’s really necessary to write an extra adapter for it.

Did anybody already played around with yii and mongoDB?

But how fast is it? Can it be used as a full replacement for eg MyISAM/InnoDB tables? Does it support fulltext search?

Other than that Kohana and CakePHP have it, so Yii needs it as well if it’s really that great. :)


I did. Even started to create extension. But because of lack of time it’s development was suspended.

There are some problems integrating it into Yii. Main problem is that main concept is very different.


Very fast. Yes, it can be MySQL replacement, but you need to think different when working with it. Yes, fulltext search is supported.


… and zend and symfony2 too ;) You may want to check out the benchmark tests. Really impressive, even if it’s only half that fast.


Damn, I’m just a newbie in Yii, but in my naive opinion there’s not too much to convert due to the fact that it’s in “simple json format”. :blink:


True if not binding it to models and just use arrays.

I knew I forgot sth :rolleyes:

Btw. have your already checked out the list of sites using mongo db? There you can find some really big ones like "source forge" or "github", "EA" or the "New York Times".

Click here to see the full listing

Yep. Already did one project on MongoDB but w/o Yii (in plain PHP). It saved weeks because it’s schemaless.

Is Mongo DB going to be supported in near future?

Don’t expect it too soon.

Just wrote a little Mongo-Interface for yii-loggin (trace, info, warning and error as separat “tables” ). Didn’t expect that it is that easy ;)


Do you already have sth to use as base for a mongodb adapter?

Maybe some enthusiasts (me included) could help together?!

Yes, I do have a lot of code that is something similar to Yii AR but uses MongoDB. The bad thing it’s only ⅓ done.

maybe we can complete the rest together?

Maybe, I’ve stucked with API itself in the first place. If you are ready to review this alpha state code and maybe finish it, I’ll commit it to and will give you write access to it.

Great! Thank you.

Hey hey hey

I know it’s not Yii (actually it’s not even PHP) but here is a great introductory video about MongoDB by a Hashrocket dude (Ruby & Rails peeps)