Modules Or New Application?

Greeting all, first post here :D

I’ve started working with Yii for a month (and am loving it) and I am now going to build an application, ERP style.

The goal is to have a main application and then, according to user’s roles and permissions, have the possibility to navigate (through single sign-on) to the other applications in the ERP.

I read about modules on Yii’s docs and although I got the idea, I was left with some doubts.

Surely it is an advantage to have a One Big application with all the branch applications the company needs as modules but what are the limitations?

Or is it preferable to create seperate entire applications instead of modules inside the main App and then navigate through sub-domains?

The idea of modules is very appealing though, and I am inclined to follow it, but want some input/opinions/previous experiences from you guys :)

Best regards,


Modules are applications in your main application.

I prefer use modules instead many little application, so code i write is reusable

for other applications.

They would not be little as they would be branch appications for a full ERP system, but making code reusable seems good, I’ll give modules a shot :)