Modules in Yii!!!!!!!!

i have modules in a layout! i want use them in a website.

What should I do ? so they can work together.look like widgets


plase help me!

thanks very much!

Why you not create widgets and then use them inside of your modules?

thank you very much!

i see ! but i want add modules on a website. :rolleyes: .do you know way?

If you want to call your widget italianjob (<?php $this->widget(‘ext.italianjob’); ?>) you have to create a folder called italianjob in the extensions folder:


then, you can create a php class for your widget:

class ClassName extends CWidget {


and then, you can write you init method:

class ClassName extends CWidget {

        public function init() {

             echo "I am a widget";



To call this widget you have to write: <?php $this->widget(‘ext.italianjob.ClassName’); ?>

thank you very much!!! i will try