Modules changed from nested to normal become inaccessible?

Hi there,

Up until now I had one module in my application, called admin, which had three nested modules: scripts, users and config.

Because those three were nested inside admin module I called them using route (and my CUrlManager configuration): app_name/admin/scripts.html, app_name/admin/users.html and app_name/admin/config.html. And main module was accessible via simple app_name/admin.html.

Today I decided to drop nesting modules idea and moved those three to the same level (main application’s modules level) as admin one.

I thought, this will be an easy job, changing just a piece of code and some application configuration entry but failed on some (strange?) thing.

Even though all (four now) modules are in the same level (not nested) and directory (protected/modules) only the first (old) one admin is accessible via:


If I try to access any other:




I get the same error, saying "Undefined index: config" (or users or scripts).

What am I doing wrong?

This got to be something simple and obvious, but I got stuck and even getting through documentation gave me nothing.



Could be some URL rule… or some custom check as I could not find the message "undefined index" in the Yii core…

Do you have some stack trace or line where this error originate?

This has nothing to do with Yii. It was a minor bug in my own code. One of the views were still referencing to old, nested modules’ structure. Sorry for posting before checking this.

I’m coding on a slow, remote system, where connections and repository update speed are badly slow.

Yesterday, when I posted this post, stack trace told me that a problem is inside CModule or some other Yii core library, so it told me nothing.

For some reason (maybe slow repository update, but who knows?) only today I noticed correct stack trace, which immediately led me to a view file that caused these problems.