[Module] YCM - Yii 2 Content Management module


I’ve created a simple content management module for Yii 2.0.


Post questions here.


You did great job, it’s best solution for light-weight projects! But it took me a while before I was able to run the demo, maybe because I’m newbie on Yii2 :)

I think you should write some documentation, especially about “registerControllers”, “registerUrlRules” I don’t understand their purpose and just ddidn’t use them.

Anyway it just my thoughts :)

p.s. sry 4 my bad english

Thank you for the feedback.

Did you follow the instructions from here: https://github.com/janisto/yii2-ycm-demo ?

What difficulties did you have with the demo at first?

There is some documentation in the demo, for example:

"registerControllers" and "registerUrlRules" are used to add your own controllers and url rules in the module.

No, I didn’t. I’m just noticed them :( I feel like that was my first and main mistake!)

All problems were most related with Yii2 framework and composer work. But was one problem which I remember now: problem with redirects on Apache. Can’t remember the exact error message, but I fixed it with replacing .htaccess file 6800


With that documentation and my new small experience with Yii 2 and Composer I installed your module in 5 minutes :)

Yes, it was very useful for me, but I’m always thinking what it not all features of your module

Good to know, thank you. I’ll try to use it in the future!