[MODULE] phundament 2

I installed pii and found out that the table names in AuthManager config array were written in camel case.

In the database the tables are in lower case. Check this too

Also if your are using Yii 1.1.1 with srbac theres a bug due to a change in CHtml (a $live variable that’s added in clientChange method with a default value of true)

It’s fixed in version that will be released today (it’s already in SVN)

Yes, setting to always TRUE as you suggested worked out the problem - Srbac now goes online! ;)

I’ll check the latest SVN and report how successful everything is, thanks again!!

P.S. Using the SVN already and trying to see or assing roles to users it does not autorefresh the listbox with roles that are assinged to selected user:


Did you check the names of the tables in the database?

Are the same as in pii configuration?

I’ll check that later on soon ;)

I found out this problem occurs only in IE, FireFox works well!

Thanks for fast problem solving again!!

Thanks for your hard work, Spyros!

I’ll check that out, too!

Hi guys,

some notes from my side:

When running srbac as a sub-module inside phundament (pii) there are a few glitches.

I.e. SBaseController uses Yii::app()->getModule(‘srbac’) which does not find srbac.

I attached a patch for SBaseController which changes all getModule() into findModule().

Index: SBaseController.php


--- SBaseController.php	(Revision 177)

+++ SBaseController.php	(Arbeitskopie)

@@ -44,11 +44,11 @@



     //Allow access if srbac is not installed yet

-    if(!Yii::app()->getModule('srbac')->isInstalled()) {

+    if(!Yii::app()->findModule('srbac')->isInstalled()) {

       return true;


     //Allow access when srbac is in debug mode

-    if(Yii::app()->getModule('srbac')->debug){

+    if(Yii::app()->findModule('srbac')->debug){

       return true;


     // Check for srbac access

@@ -77,9 +77,9 @@

     $error["message"] = "Error while trying to access " .$mod."/".$this->id."/".$this->action->id."." ;

     //You may change the view for unauthorized access

     if(Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest) {

-      $this->renderPartial(Yii::app()->getModule('srbac')->notAuthorizedView,array("error"=>$error));

+      $this->renderPartial(Yii::app()->findModule('srbac')->notAuthorizedView,array("error"=>$error));

     } else {

-      $this->render(Yii::app()->getModule('srbac')->notAuthorizedView,array("error"=>$error));

+      $this->render(Yii::app()->findModule('srbac')->notAuthorizedView,array("error"=>$error));


     return false;



Running stuff as a submodule seem to be a little bumpy in yii.

To return piiModule I created a static helper function. So I can change this later on, if needed.

I also strongly recommend to set config>modules.pii.modules.srbac.debug to false.

Just fixed in SVN …

Best regards,


Thanks for notices, Pii grows fast and robust!

Some comments from my side:

!1. Somehow, when running fresh installed Pii(full web app) on IE7 it does not show the first <<Home>> page content, what may the problem be and how to solve it?

!2. I was playing with main menu, created some new item("Page" as called in Pii) and then tried to make it to be first one on menu with changing PageRank, but unsuccessfully. Is there simple way to deal with that?

!3. Trying Lithron pdf rendering like in demo:

-> http://localhost/pii/www/en_us/pii/default/pdf

-> Throws Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\pii\modules\pii\views\pdf-templates\test.php on line 79

P.S. Keep up the good work, together Pii is getting stronger and stronger :wink:

By the way, when stable version of Pii(including Yii 1.1.1) in planned to be released?

Thanks again,


Sound like some IE only :) issue (guillotine bug or some alike), try adding breaks or clearfloats, like:

<?php echo PiiHelper::clearfloat(); ?>

before first cellmanager

Ooops, a bug.

Untested fix: in views/layouts/main.php

add this in line 23

$criteria->order = "rank";

Yeah, I know, logic should not be in a view, but this is just an example.

I refactored a lot of code here … should be ready again with the next release.

Hopefully this week, SVN is already on 1.1.1

Thanks for your feedback and best regards,


Hey ;D thanks for extra fast reply!

±1. Yep, it fixed the IE problem. I did not know where to put it right so I placed it before every $content appear at main.php(C:\wamp\www\pii\views\layouts) line 48 (please inform if there is better place to put it)

-2. Hmm it didn’t solve the problem ;)

It’s very very welcome and is important that the logic in Pii is(and is getting more efficient each release) in the WYSIWYG style, so non developer can manage content easily :slight_smile:

±3. Lithron is really one the of the most interesting extension to try!

Waiting for stable release, and will continue testing of Pii ;)

±4. Small CSS design issue, and of course every developers pain in the a… - IE and Opera does not show shadows on main frame :)

By the way, what web browsers Pii is tested on? Could help you with testing on IE, FFox, Opera and some others ;)

Simplicity and compatibility is highly valued on the market :)

-5. Started one project on Pii, when trying Yiic shell:

{not a bug, but those thing are not welcome to simple users}

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: installUrl in C:\wamp\www\pii\index.php on line 125

{error when creating model}

>> model client

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getDb() on a non-object in C:\wamp\w

ww\pii\lib\yii\cli\commands\shell\ModelCommand.php on line 260

Fatal error: Call to a member function getDb() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\pi

i\lib\yii\cli\commands\shell\ModelCommand.php on line 260

Couple more important notices/bugs :wink:

-6. After registering new user email validation should be possible only once. Problems occurs when accessing verification URL e.g. from email accidentally and account looses its Active status to Verified :slight_smile:

-7. I faces this type of problem - when using some BAD email(e.g. domain is not registered, timeout, bad email address, etc.) account is being registered instead of occurring error screen. By the way, what is better way to deal with error screens because that ugly PHP Error will definitely scare the user :D

+8. How to update personal information for a registered user himself? :)

+9. a) Front-end first link Home, does not support I18N ? B) And it does not appear in the site-map ;)

?10. Future offer, ability to choose whether to use instant user-registration or token verified, and to automatically give user “member” role at srbac if it’s chosen to be default RBAC module. Also send all registration information after confirming registration(e.g login, pass etc).

Thanks for you attention to this highly valued project!

CoLT ;)

FF should be running fine, I’ll fix IE … let me know if there are issues with Opera.

!5. Started one project on Pii, when trying Yiic shell:

{not a bug, but those thing are not welcome to simple users}

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: installUrl in C:\wamp\www\pii\index.php on line 125

Did you set an db component?

Or use

./yiic install config/local.php

Can you create a ticket for this: https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/phundament/newticket

Can you provide an example email address?

Should be the route /pii/piiUser/userupdate but I think it’s buggy at the moment.


Not a bug, it’s a feature.

You can create all needed pages with PiiPage, but if you do a blank install, you have to display a page.

So you can simply delete it from the component config in the layout.

Note: There’s also Mbmenu, which is uses for the phundament admin menu, but it’s much harder to use it with PiiPage.

A planned feature.

Thanks again :lol:

Best regards,


Fix for the user profile page, update your user component.


        // enable cookie-based authentication




Thanks fixed User Update issue!

Also a feature could be to sent email regarding successfully completed update, and also if User enters same information of email and password and press Update nothing happens(could throw message eg. "No information was updated").

I believe I can update any of User info by that form, right?

Now I’m going to check all your previously posted solutions to previous bugs and notices ;)

Thanks again!


!4. Yes, both IE and Opera does not show shadows on main frame.

[color="#FF0000"]!5.[/color] For a project I use standalone Pii version, so I just installed it by Docs manual. And there I have a DB of additional ~8tables and I was trying to model one of the table by Yiic model Clients unsuccessfully with the error posted above :)

95% of errors, bugs, features and notices I’m posting here is regarding standalone Pii version, except private messages of certain Pii module issues ;)

Thanks :)


  1. Registered this and one more tickets :wink: Hope to solve it quickly with stable Pii(Yii 1.1.1.) version! Waiting with impatience :-]

  2. eg. unknownadd@nottheregisteredmain.com

  3. Thanks for solving it! :wink: Additional question was asked in the previous message :wink:

  4. Thanks for explanation! Very good approach! :slight_smile: I like Pii with this style :wink:

[quote name=‘schmunk’ ]Note: There’s also Mbmenu, which is uses for the phundament admin menu, but it’s much harder to use it with PiiPage.

Could you explain it in a more details?

  1. Waiting for the future releases :wink:



Also would be nice to have Flash on the clicked links of main menu(like when clicking on Login)




I’ve just uploaded beta 5, with numerous updates.

Get it here:


  • renamed Pii to P2 (classes, database …)

  • fixed installation on Windows (XAMPP)

  • further IE improvements

  • srbac is no longer a submodule of phundament (moved to ./modules)

  • many more …

Make sure you do a fresh install for now (testing), because of the renaming.

I’ll provide an upgrade guide later and also the standalone module version.

Best regards,