[MODULE] phundament 2



This is basically a port of phundament (PRADO-based) to yii.

So I called it phundament II, while all classes are prefixed with Pii.

Currently there I’ve implemented PiiCellManagerWidget. This is a widget

which allows you to add any widget to your page.

It determines its location or variation from class properties and saves all data

to the database.

By default it varies by moduleId, controllerId and actionName.

You can specify the loadble widgets by module configuration.

If a widget implements ICellManagerWidget, it can show a more complex admin

interface. While from regular CWidgets the cell-manager reads the public class

properties and generates an admin interface from those.

I would really like to hear your feedback.

Best regards


PS: Many many parts are under construction, such as PiiFile, PiiInfo, PiiPage and



Latest version

[size="3"]phundament 2[/size]



Database (currently only with MySQL create script)


see http://phundament.com/en_us/cms/10/docs


I’ve just released a new version of pundament 2 and updated the posting above.

Pii is now tested on Mac and Linux systems (case-sensitive) and comes with a smooth installer.

It implements CKEditor with a custom filebrowser and has a very flexible widget distribution system.

Besides that it uses the wonderful yii-extensions image and srbac and some more …

It’s still alpha but most parts are fully functional now!

A few words regarding the concept:

The core-model of the module consists of tables for pages (site-structure), cells (widget container), files and HTML content.

Usually HTML content is generated (with images or files) and displayed by a PiiHtmlWidget in a cell on page.

But PiiCellManager can basically display any widget or better any class with a run()-method.

There is also a table for meta-data (PiiInfo), like i18n, creation date, last edit and so on, which is linked with yii-relations by the above tables.

User management with e-mail verfication and roled based access control is also included. (Thanks, mike)

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PS: Sorry, no docs yet, but everything is very yii-style - I hope.

Just released 2.1 beta 1:



  • jQuery UI themeable

  • CKEditor with File Manager

  • Spotlight-a-like search

  • Performance

  • Docs

  • much, much, much, more …


Bild 1.png


Bild 2.png

[i]1. Download & Extract

  1. Run

    $ ./yiic install

    This will create config/local.php

  2. Create database, update credentials in config/local.php

  3. Run

    $ ./yiic install

    Follow instructions.

  4. Open home URL.[/i]

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Demo Page:



admin / admin

Very interesting CMS, hope to try it soon!

Hard work is always significant!

Greets Colt

The screencast hast just finished rendering.

[size="4"]Watch it at Vimeo: phundament 2.1 Demo[/size]

  • Installation

  • Basic CMS features

  • Creating your own widget

  • Themeing

I am creating a layout-clone of yiiframework.com in about 25 minutes.

Best regards,


Demo page fixed: http://demo.phundament.com/2.1/www/

Very nice video, looking forward to watch more :)

Also nice that you obviously spread Yii framework in php conferences you hold.

Hi Y!!,

thanks for your kind words.

Yes, I am currently working on another video "running phundament as a module only". Hopefully it will be ready next week.

And there’s also another session about yii and phundament (announcement in German) next week.

Best regards,


Cool, looking forward.

Yes, I’ve already saw that. If it weren’t that far away I would probably visit the session (I’m from north-Germany). Though, I’m not planning to use Phundament, it’s nice to see projects build with Yii and play around with them.

Released 2.1-beta 3: Get it here!

Make sure you check out the new stand-alone module version.

So … I’ll now leave for my phundament 2 presentation tonight, cam is ready, let’s hope everything will work …

Best regards,


I’ll be very happy to try it!

BTW, does Pii installation support WIN OS(like WAMP) now?

Dude you rock!

New to yii. I was initially thinking of putting together a team for a personal project…but you are way ahead of the game…I can now move onto the functional part of out project.

I will try it out and give feedback…and congrats to you and other contributors :)

Hi guys,

thanks for your replies.

@CoLT: I’ll double-check the windows version on the weekend.

@Seal: Please let me know if questions arise.

Best regards,


Hi schmunk,

Very nice work indeed!

As I very new to yii…I have tried both phundament2 and standalone module…(phundament2 is no doubt easier to install)

The challenge I have is with standalone…when I run the installer by issuing this command:

$ ./yiic install config/main.php…It says;

I get this message:

"" Unable to create config\local.php ""

So although if I ignore message it allows installs directories and database but no local.php and local-sample.php

I am not that clever when it comes to yii, so my questions are;


[*]1 How can I get the correct merge for (pii config + main config) to work?

[*]2 Any hints of what css to change for backend & frontend?


Other than I feel your instructions is superb, I love both the video, and schema explanation. I would have wished to see a video on adapting/customising pii to yii

Great job and looking forward to your future updates and projects


Hi Seal,

thanks for your feedback. Please see my answer here*


Best regards,




When using downloaded fresh Pii and trying to check user roles it throws this error:


Watching http://vimeo.com/9400127 at 45:10

By the way - nice and useful video!


Yep! The video was definately cool.

@CoLT - I got the same error too. (both with stand alone and module version - using the lastest nightly Yii build)

It is something to do with the layout. When I went to change the layout to main it alls install button to activate…However it did not solve the problem.

@Schmunk - Any hints how you got this working on yours?

Would really love to know

Best regards


Hi guys,

as this is an issue with srbac I have to dig a bit into this.

I’ll definitely take a look at it.

I had a large project running the past weeks, but hopefully I’ll find the time now.

Thanks for your feedback.

Best regards,