Module Is Not Generated In Gii On Wamp

hey … i used to wamp server to develop yii web app .bt I cant generate yii module using module generater in gii.pls help me.thnak you

can you explain the error you getting?

It only contain the the figure like i have attached

There is nothing wrong with the generator

I think you just have to click the generate button

No… the module is like the mini application in our should contain other componenet ,features too like web app.the following attachment will show us the thing that contain when create the when i create i cant preview like that. pls help me solve this problem.what wrong with my do i solve it .thank you

Hi my friend

If I understood well, I thing you want to have a module with other controllers, right ?

You have to create the module and then generate each controller separately

Bt when we create the module gii auto generated us to all the files. my module generate it in different way.thats why i ask there any problem?? …thank for the answering

There is no problem , this should work fine.

thanx lot all of you.I got it