Module In YII

Hi All,

I have created a module from gii tools named “manager”. I want to use this modules as admin tool for various tasks. I have create a model in this modules “staticPages”. A table created with id, page_name, page_body fields and modal class is associated with it. Then I created a curd section from gii tool for this model. I can add/edit/delete the static_pages entry but when I click on “manage static pages” link (grid view of all entries), it shows me 403 error (not authorized). URL of this page is manager/staticPages/admin. Could you please tell me where I’ve been mistaken or forgot any settings. I have added ‘manager’ module entry in main configuration file.

Please Help.

Kind Regards

403 error usually means your controller access rules are restricting access to the actions. Try allowing all users (*) access and then apply the necessary restrictions while implementing your authentication.