Module 'imagick' already loaded

Does anybody know what can be the cause of this issue?

I read that it can be related to duplicate row of ‘imagick’ extension in php.ini file. I use basic app yii v.2 currently on a hosting, where I do not have access to that file. Therefore, I could not change the content inside of the file.

Any other ideas?


PHP Core Warning – yii\base\ErrorException

Module 'imagick' already loaded

2. yii\base\ErrorHandler::handleFatalError()

$_COOKIE = [

    '_csrf' => '6e7f9ff8b68cf2d11d99a1ca89a1fb2a99ae0bdb873885e7bd346e209a2e59cca:2:{i:0;s:5:"_csrf";i:1;s:32:"QLy5-yWsc8ZP3qnWx_P1VFiHxvZClKH2";}',

    'PHPSESSID' => 'ul8rn6ci1od5dua09tqn5id1m0',



    '__flash' => [],


Yii Framework

2016-08-04, 11:17:54


Yii Framework/2.0.9

Resolved. Was a hosting problem, as I mentioned in my 1st post.