Module based Yii2 web app architecture best practice

Thank you all for the awesome framework.
We are planning to build a moduler Yii2 webapp. Our app will be built on PHP7 and mysql5.7.
At present we are planning to use the Yii2 basic app template and build the app functionalities as separate modules. Each module will have separate functionality and user access control.
We will have at least 19 separate modules on the web app with a REST API for mobile and windows desktop GUI VB.NET application.

We are worried about having such a large number of modules total at least 19 initially. Is it OK to have such a large number of modules, and will it slow down our webapp.
What are the best practice for building a modular app with yii2 modules.
Please, guide us

Hello there, I don’t think number modules would have a big impact on performance unless you have hundreds of them look at humhub it is fairly large app pretty much all the functionality is divided into modules.

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ok thanks, checking out humhub repo