[Module] App Manager


I’d like to share App Manager (http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/app-manager/) that represents a user interface for an application config.

Will be very thankful for any feedback.


Your demo is cool, But when I try your code …I have warn "config file is not writable" …what should I do?


Good work!

Rodrigo Coelho

Thanks! Any suggestions about new features?

ari ratic

Could you provide more details about the issue? When did this warning appear? Was it a php warning

or a message on the right side of the main menu? Is your config stored under webroot/protected/config/main.php and writable by a server?

It is pretty feature-packed already. I can’t think of enything else. :)

This is a great extension, now I just need to figure it out how t display my theme over your layout.

Thats just awesome. Thank you for sharing this with community.

I tried to make something similar few weeks ago, but didnt complete UI. It’s fully feature packed, it’s all that i need. Thank you again.