Module And Subfolder Url Conflict

After I did some configurations for the urlManager, I got the nice url for the website.


www(dot)mywebsite(dot)com/controllerId/Action or


Here is my question: the folders contain the module (is named: forum) is at



I would like to use existing forum system, like phpBB as the forum. So, I create a subfolder named "forum" under


; so the url will be:

www(dot)mywebsite(dot)com/forum -- Subfolder under the domain name

Before I created

www(dot)mywebsite(dot)com/forum -- The browser will redriect to my Yii Module

After I created

www(dot)mywebsite(dot)com/forum --The browser will not redirect to my Yii Module page even there is not any files in subfolder

The reason why I want to create a module called "forum", I want to customize the forum main page, and try to integrate it into my Yii application. And I want to keep the same name, just want to make the nice url.

if anyone can help with this question, that will appreciated.

Jing Guo