Modifying menu div width

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to Yii, and I am trying to make some test website.

I created a new Yii 1.1.3 application, and I want to enlarge the width of horizontal menu which is located under the logo. I want it to be fully streched through the browser so that it takes 100% of the browser width. Now (by defauls), it takes only about 80%. Any help on this?

Look for the css files, I think main.css is the one you need. There is a line setting the width at about 980px which you will want to expand to 1200 or more.

Correction screen.css. Look for

/* grid.css */

.container {width:950px;margin:0 auto;}

and change the 950px to something larger.

You shouldn’t use fixed width, since this is not responsive design. You should use “width:100%” instead

That’s not true. Even with Responsive Layout beeing popular (and Buzzword) at the moment there are other layout technics that are still valid.

If 100% works there, that is a better solution. The 950px is what comes out of the bootstrap application.