Modify links in CListView pager to follow routing

I currently have this:

    <?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(



        'template' => '{items}{pager}'

    )); ?>

The Pager shows me paginations to posts/index?page=2, posts/index?page=3. The problem is that I have routed blog/posts to posts and want to have the pager showing links to blog/posts/index?page=2, blog/posts/index?page=3



            'blog/posts' => 'posts',

How should I do this?

If I’m not mistaken, urlManager is two-way solution (look into Definitive Guide and at last pages of Blog Guide, where you can find a small part about beautifying URLs). This means, that if you have setup your urlManager correctly all generated URLs (including those generated by pager) should follow your rules and be generated correctly. Are you sure you haven’t make any mistake somewhere?