Modification of developer error page


Yii2 provides an outstanding error page for developer with detailed stack trace, and links to API manual. Very handy.

Textmate editor offers a txmt url scheme and I’d love to exploit it.

At least on the error lines (highlighted in red), and may be on other code lines, I’d love to add a link to the source code, so that I would just have to click on the error line in the browser and be sent on the faulty line in my favorite editor.

We could, may be, put the link on the line number for example. The link requires file path, line number, and column number (defaults to 1).

I’m sure the necessary information is there, may be in the generated html page too, in data- attributes, and a little jQuery could add the link to textmate.

So, if you have a little help pointer where I could modify the code to get this working, please add it as a reply to this post.

No need to point at errorHandler views, or ErrorHandler class, I found them, but I don’t know the best place to add these links quickly.



PS: Is it worth entering a enhancement request for this?