Model With Complex Criteria - Problem With Count And Limit

Hi there

I have a hude problem with my app

i’ve made a quite complex query with ar model

in short:

i have a table announcement, which relate to announcement_dates (one to many)

i need to display whole announcement for every date every time, so result looks like:

1 announce1 date1

2 announce1 date2

3 announce1 date3

4 announce2 date1

5 announce2 date2

and so on...

which is working great, but no count…

Im building query on the fly, and in the and it looks like:

$count = $mod_count->with($with)->count($criteria);

$result = $mod->with($with)->findAll($criteria);

and count return 2 insteed of 5.

I’ve tried to use $criteria->group, togheter() and no change

What ive missed? Any clue?

Thanks in advance