Model relation not working

Other model data not showing in my Gridview.

I have 2 models,ListForms and Lists.

I want to show list name from Lists on listforms gridview.

This is my code.

ListForms Model:

class ListForms extends \yii\db\ActiveRecord


       // relation name

	public $listname;




     * @inheritdoc


    public static function tableName()


        return 'listForms';




     public function getListname() {   

		return $this->hasOne(Lists::classname(), ['listid' => 'listids']);	 		


ListForms GridView:


		'label'=>'List Name',

		'attribute' => 'listname',

		'value' => 'listname.listname'




      public function search($params){    	   	

        $query = ListForms::find();




I am not allowed to send post with link. So sorry for the obfuscation. Try this tutorial