Model Join With And

Here is my DB structure…

table `users`

PK `id`

table `webservices`

PK `id`

table `users_webservices`

PK `usersid`, `webservicesid`

Here is what I’m trying to accomplish: For User 1, list all webservices and indicate which ones he’s already chosen.

SELECT w.*, IF(uw.usersid IS NULL, 0, 1) isused

FROM webservices w

LEFT JOIN users_webservices uw ON uw.webservicesid = AND usersid = 1

Right now I’m doing it using 2 simpler queries and 2 foreach loops, which drives me nuts. I want to do it the right way, in the model, like this:


But like I mentioned, I don’t see many examples of this type of thing. I tried DB Criteria but it just did nothing. Any help would be much appreciated. :)