Model function order by related model

I have

public function getEmployeesRates(){
return $this->hasMany(EmployeesRates::className(), [‘EmpId’ => ‘EmpId’]);

but I need to return the values ordered based on 3 columns, 2 of which are from a related table.

EmployeesRates has a relationship with table Items where ItemId = ItemId

So I want return

return $this->hasMany(EmployeesRates::className(), [‘EmpId’ => ‘EmpId’])

with an Order By Items.Currency, Items.Desc, EmployeesRates.EffectiveAsOf DESC

How can I achieve this?

Clarify situation a bit. Do you have relations like this?

If so, you can query the data similar to (didn’t test):

'Items.Currency' => SORT_DESC,
'Items.Desc' => SORT_DESC,
'EmployeesRates.EffectiveAsOf' => SORT_DESC,


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Understood, create a normal query and ditch the $this->hasMany() approach. Thanks.

Don’t has many return a query object where you can call orderBy(...)?