model from one into the other?

So guys i’m still in the questionary site that i’m developing for university and well… i still have a lot of troubles.

Well i generated automatically the whole site. I have a Survey table with all his crud and a free text question table (that should be part of one specific survey). The thing is that in the view of the survey table i’m trying to use the model of the free text question so that i can dinamically create new formulars of questions in the same site with the help of java script. I already have the boxes working but the problem is that when i want to save the data i can not use the model of free text on the survey view site. How can i do it? i tried to declare a new model based on the survey view in order to get access to that model of free text but doesn’t seem to work.

i’ve tried with

$modelFreeText = new FreeText(‘survey’);

and with this other line

$modelFreeText = new FreeText;// trying to make model free text work here

but in both cases i got a fail from the free text model.

Anyone could tell me what i#m doing wrong please?

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