Model Driven Architecture

Hi guys,

What a wonderful framework! There is almost all what I want/need to build a web application, and it seems to work very well…

Being quite new, I’m convinced that this framework can become the best one for me (if not already).

If I can suggest a enhancement, why not use a MDA tool to generate code?

At first glance, Yii is already “model driven”. You could easily generate models, CRUD, DB scripts (you don’t have yet), controllers, default views and even modules from a UML class diagram with a tool like AndroMDA or Acceleo (or any other).

I know Acceleo, and I could give a try, but it would be difficult to maintain if not supported officially.

What do you think about this?

(and sorry for my poor english)

I strongly agree, Yii Team should consider to put model-driven (MDA) as part of Yii Framework, it will facilitate the programming process. We want an official download artifact from Yii. Thanks.

Wow! What a great idea!

But I don’t agree in using external tools even though they are free, it should be all integrated into gii.

I remember visiting a page not too long ago about MySQL Workbench, for which someone made an integration bridge for Yii.


I don’t remember the link, but I’ll try to dig it up, if Google fails you.

That’s probably the closest thing to such thing you can have right now. :)


Did you maybe mean this extension:

Thanks, Mike! :lol:

Here something that could be easily converted into an online tool for gii panel: wwwsqldesigner. This tool just needs a button that creates the database out of the SQL script generated (upload an execute the file) and then Gii users just need to create the rest through the CRUD, or MODEL, or MODULE, or whatever generator.

We do not need to reinvent the wheel sometimes; just use the resources out there.

The wwwsqldesigner is created using oz, I was thinking to translate it to jquery but, why not using it as an external vendor as it is and just include that simple button as suggested?

Is just an idea