Model Class Not found in Controller

This is very strange. I ran a model command on a DB table called “instructor” and it created the instructor.php file just fine. I also ran the crud command and it generated the controller and other view files also fine. When I go to view model live (ie: index.php?r=instructor/list) I get a PHP fatal error that it can’t even find the model class Instructor on line 116 of the controller! So strange because my other models work fine. Its only the new one’s that I’m trying to create.

Fatal error: Class ‘Instructor’ not found in C:\wamp\www\roster\protected\controllers\InstructorController.php on line 116

Anyone have any ideas?

Perhaps you have a typo in the filename?

Could you give us an insight to your directory structure?

I gave up and re created the web app from scratch. That fixed it. I checked the filename and didn’t notice a typo. The instructor.php file was in the same models directory as the other model.php files.