I used to have a user update from my blog model in 1.0.11 with :

public function actionUpdate()

     { $model=$this->loadUser();




This worked well when a user makes an update action (in 1.0.11). I Just tested it on DiscardedTeenz.com which still is on Yii framework 1.0.11.

However, I am testing a migration from the blog model to 1.1.0 with the just new dev.discardedteenz.com

(because I intend to release later this blog snippets and code when it’s clean enough.)

>:( The problem is, in Yii framework yii-1.1.0.r1700. I can’t update anymore with the above code.

I inserted :

var_dump($_POST['User']);echo "<br/>";

var_dump($model->attributes);echo "<br/>";

This is what I see:

The first array is $_POST[‘User’]. I have the new about: I am a demo user

The second array is $model->attributes, after


the array dimensions shows the affectation didn’t happen well, and the about is the old one : I wrote Moira .

Is this broken in 1.1.0.r1700 ? Maybe I got wrong somewhere ??

How to bypass this cleanly ?

attribute "about" is "safe"

[i]In version 1.1, an attribute is considered safe if it appears in a validationrule that is applicable in the given scenario.




Muchas gracias for the link.

Good to remind a few things.

In fact im my model I have :

	public function safeAttributes()


		return array('username','password','status', 'banned','about','email',



May-be that’s not enough ? ???



public function rules()


        return array(







It works.

From your link :

[b]In version 1.1, an attribute is considered safe if it appears in a validation rule that is applicable in the given scenario. For example,


That’s true. The other attributes from the user were mentioned in rules except for my “about”. So it worked when I added


Reading :

I am wondering if the public function safeAttributes() is still of any use in 1.1 ?

There is no safeAttributes() method in 1.1. anymore. There is only safeAttributesNames(), which returns names of attributes you declared "safe" in rules().