Modal Popup For Updating And Adding Row To Datagrid


I am not able to understand what’s going wrong in my code

Below is code in my view where Rows are populated from database and edit button set for showing modal popup

This is modal div for showing data on popup screen

This is java script code for capturing the row button event

and i have problem here !

My alert in jquery is not getting fired don’t know why



It’s also difficult to understand your code buddy. Please use the code block when posting (the <> sign in the editor) so it’s more eye-friendly.

If you are using firefox browser, use firebug extension to debug your issue. If you’re still not able to solve your problem, just post here the error and ONLY the necessary portion of your codes so you can encourage more readers to read your post :)

Hey You can use this extension

This will also help you.

I have updated my code as you said

can you understand it now,

ask me if anything you cannot get


There is an extra "})" at the bottom of your script. Try removing that and see if that fixes your problem. It will also help if you can post here the error message you are encountering.

Thanks for all the help, it was the typo error