modal form + pjax

Hello, All

I have a problem refreshing content placed on modal form by using pjax. Calling $.pjax.reload({container: ‘#my-ActiveForm-pjax-container-id’}) forces main page with GridView to reload… of course, my modal is closing to…

But i don’t want to do so, i want to refresh modal content only.

Described above is a simple example. The main idea is to create interface shown in attached screenshot. 7121

pjax problem 2.jpg

Where is modal form (new trip) called from another modal form (view roundtrip).

step #2

Modal form (view roundtrip) contains the grid (plased on tab in the tab control) which is rendered from another view with own “create new button”, which calls the second modal form (new trip). I want to refresh grid placed on “Trips tab” only. But if i call $.pjax.reload({container: ‘#GridViewTrips-container-id’}) it reloads the whole page.

step #1

Is the same as above (step #2), the difference is that pjax updates the main grid on background (index view). This step works fine.

The question: what is the solution for my problem?

Nobody faced with this problem?

Hello, add a timeout parameter to your pjax request.

Try to use a url to or data parameter in your pjax.

$.pjax.reload({container:'#my-ActiveForm-pjax-container-id', url:'/controler/action', data:'params'});