Modal dialogs and ajax validations

Hi all,

I’ve been using Yii Framework for a while now. But there is some certain thing that I am unable to implement successfully. I’d like to use modal dialogs for create/update aspects in CGridView, and in some other sites where a response is crucial. I’ve read various Wikis in the site, and tested different extensions. And I’ve come up with this decision:

If I want to use modal windows for making changes in the data displayed in CGridView widget, the logical way is to use iframes as I’ve failed numerous times in implementing AJAX validations and displaying multiple widgets (cgridview again + other JS stuff) in modal windows.

Is that correct? I know this has been discussed many times around the discussion board. But I never happen to manage to use modal windows with the same functionality of a plain frameless site.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve successfully used jQuery UI modal dialogs for this sort of thing. Are you saying that you want to display a CGridView in a modal window, or just show form fields in there?

I think the only time iframes are really required is when uploading files over ajax. Otherwise, I’d personally avoid them.

I actually show some grid from a related model as well as the default model form there as well. The thing is, sometimes my modals may have 2 steps, like you fill some info, click on a next button and another form shows up and you have to fill it as well.

What is so bad about iframes? Apart from the fact that they are not really rendered good in mobile phone browsers, I do not see anything disadvantageous about them cross-browser. But people usually recommend not to use it.

Can you elaborate about this please?