Mobile website developer needed (PHP, Yii, HTML5, MySQL, jQuery, GIT)

Hi everyone,

I work at a danish company called Inzeit (visit us at We have specialized in creating mobile websites (sometimes called webapps) but do also develop "normal" webpages.

Our clients is some of the biggest danish companies, you might know some of them: Bestseller, Samsoe&, Malene Birger, Benedikte Utzon, Expert, Punkt 1 among others.

We use Yii for all our projects, a MySQL database, GIT, jQuery and for mobile pages jQuery mobile. The nice thing about mobile websites is that there are less old browsers like IE 6. Therefore we use HTML5 and the new stuff like geolocation, local storage and appcache extensively.

We are looking for someone to help us as a freelancer, but if we have a great collaboration, we are able to provide a contract too. As mentioned, we use Yii and I would therefore prefer someone from this community, who has already worked with the framework.

You should be responsible and reliable, but geographics and language doesn’t matter. Of course I expect great skills in PHP (and Yii), Javascript (primarily jQuery), HTML and MySQL.

If anything sounds interesting, or you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:

Hi! I am interested in the job. I started working with Yii in early 2010. I’ve shared some of modules on my github page, feel free to check out my codes.I teach about Yii on my website - Currently I am available for hire for 40-50 hours per week (full time basically). Please let me know how much help you expected to get from freelance.


Hi Thomas,

I have 1+ years of experience in Yii PHP MYSQL and HTML

can we discuss your vacant post on


I am representing my company Earlysail Software Pvt Ltd, India. We have enough experience in Yii, PHP, web portals, mobile web and Native application for all major platform.

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