mobile app

I have an application I developed with yii2 and mysql. I want to build a mobile app on top of it.

Please How do I go about this. I need your help.

An mobile app can communicate wit a web app trough webservice API

Yii give you all the necessary to implement REST webservice

I suggest you to start reading the docs and eventually come back to the forum if you have difficulties to implement the steps in the docs


if you are not familiar with webservice and in particular REST webservice, google around a bit before reading the docs

I have read it as you advised.

Now am developing an App using Yii Basic. The app consist of 3 modules

  1. Admin Module: this is where setup and other settings are done. It will be fully Yii2 basic and will be used on browsers (laptops, desktops, etc). It serves as backend.

  2. Yii2 Rest Api: this will provide service to the 3rd module, the mobile app

  3. AngularJS: This is where the mobile app is developed. It gets its service from Module 2, Yii2 Rest Api.

Please how do I go about this

What´s your problem?

Building the Rest API with Yii2?

Connection to the API with AngularJS?

Connection to the API with AngularJS