Mobile app for website

Hi all,

I have a database backed web application running which I would like to create a basic mobile app for. I am looking for advice on how best to do this. Currently I am looking at starting with an Android app, which connects to my web server and offers a cut down version of what a user can currently do on the website. For this I would obviously like to re-use as much of my controller code as possible, and looking around online it appears that I need to implement the yii-restful extension. Does anyone else have experience in this area who could point me towards some online resources/tutorials etc.?

Any help massively appreciated!

Hi, you will have to have REST API (any API). In my case (I’ve three mobile platforms connected to the web API (win, android and ios)) I have three separated routes, one route is for the web app, the second one is for the mobile and 3rd is for mobile too but with authorization. What I mean is below: - for the web - for the rest api with authorization - for the rest api (public methods)

These routes deteremine which controller I should actually run. Of course I use the same models for each controller. The main change is that controllers for mobile API extend ActiveController as described here + some extra methods for authorization by headers.



Just some info about mobile applications development , gonna be useful for u, especially abuut prices)

Really important stuff. Good luck!