Mobile App Development + Yii ?


I have a mobile app question related to a new web product we’re building.

First, Some Background:

I’m leaning towards using Yii for the development of a new product we’re designing (I’m the founder / product owner). This app includes a significant amount of functionality designed for use by subject matter experts (SME’s) doing field observations… think of this as a industry domain specific survey application with sophisticated workflow and business rules. The web functionality will include rich client dash-boarding and graphical analytics and will also allow data capture by the SME, however the mobile apps (iPad and smartphone) will be the dominant form of data collection (for obvious reasons).

Other Details:

When the mobile apps are used, we need to support offline data capture and the syncing with the cloud when a connection is restored.

Lastly, we’re leaning towards Mongo because we want to allow end users to extend and modify the underlying data model (ie: the survey questions) with relative ease and avoid the hassles of a schema oriented database.

OK, so here’s my question: What frameworks or tools are you using to extend your web apps to mobile devices? In my scenario outlined above, do you have any recommendations?


Hi everyone,

I’ll bump tarheel post since it wasn’t answered yet.

I am quite confused and I want to ask you some good advise :)

I am collecting requirements for a new project.

It will be a web/mobile application (I’d prefer a cross device app: iOS and Android at least).

The project will consist of an event manager (with built-in calendar) and data collection: nothing too convoluted (no graphic effects nor specific device components control).

Useful components could be html5 speech input or (non mandatory) device-camera control in order to take photos.

Currently alternatives are:

–mere web app–

  1. Yii backend CRUD + Responsive Bootstap UI (that’s where I am more proficient)

–mobile app + web app–

  1. Yii backend WebService (JSON|XML) + Phonegap HTML5 wrap (Android/iOS)

  2. Yii backend WebService (JSON|XML) + device specific client

  3. ???

I am very puzzled!

Which approach would you use/suggest and why?

thank you in advance


You might be interested in what some guys at "clevertech" have been doing with Yii along similar lines…


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