mkdir(): Permission denied

I just installed yii2 through composer in fedora 23.

When I open the application I get this error message:

Exception – yii\base\Exception

Failed to create directory "/home/Trydents/PhpSystems/Prueba1/backend/runtime/logs": mkdir(): Permission denied

Caused by: yii\base\ErrorException

mkdir(): Permission denied

in /home/Trydents/PhpSystems/Prueba1/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/helpers/BaseFileHelper.php at line 483

I changed the permissions to 777 but nothing.

How did you change permissions?

Execute the following in your terminal:

sudo chmod 777 -R . 

Although 777 is a security risk. You should use 775.

the first time, I used 755, but when it didn’t work I change to 777 and nothing…

The problem isn’t the security risk but the fact that mkdir can not create anything…