mivecindad.com is an online application that allows you to collaborate and interact with your neighbors in a simple and different way. The aim of this tool is to improve communication between neighbors so that there is an improvement in the usage and enjoyment of a residential area.

mivecindad.com is a product of klicap.

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very nice looking site. I wish I’d speak Spanish …


Looks great! :lol:

Nice site…

What part of Yii have you used?


Thanks for your comments. This is the first release of website. We’ll develop a new features coming soon.


[list=1][]We have developed a new theme[]We have developed an extension for a twitter’s client using OAuth (kTwitter)[]We used the extension recaptcha with light modifications[]And a client to consume the mivecindad.com Restful API[/list]


Is this on purpose or a bug?

http://mivecindad.com - gives the full site

http://www.mivecindad.com - gives just an image

This a problem with DNS server.

We have used i18n and will soon be in English.

I can not use links in my posts.


After the 3rd post you can post links… check the guidelines - http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/topic/19451-


Ups, I did not read the guidelines.

What does it take for you to put the project on the home page?