Misc Inquiries (yicc tool / best IDE or editor for Yii apps)

#1) does the yiic tool work on windows with tools packages like XAMPP e.t.c.

#2) what is the best editor to use when developing Yii applications

      (obviously this is based on preference, but I'm sure some are

      way better than others.  Also I'm coming from a VS2008 background so

      I'm a little spoilt because I use code refactoring tools with it and it is a

      very good IDE for developing windows appplications)

Hi mrlami,

I'm using Windows (WampServer) platform (not in production) and yiic works fine for me.

Regarding you question on the best IDE, this is a long discussion (as always) and you may find usefule to take a look to this thread : http://www.yiiframew…opic,483.0.html

I use Eclpise + Aptana (as a plugin) and code completion + contextual help are enough for me. As for refactoring … I don't think Eclipse + php plugin provides it…


Haven't used the feature myself, but Eclipse + PDT supposedly features some basic refactoring (files, classes).

how do I setup the yiic tool to run on vista with XAMMP?

I get below error (view image) when I try to run it…

It's yiic, not yicc.

I c…  ;)

It there any reason why the yiic tool is escaping every quote in the the code it creates (view attached image)

Nope, Yii doesn't do that. I guess your PHP installation has enabled some filtering mechanism that would automatically escape quotes.

You're right…

Thanks!  I cannot wait to delve deep into Yii…