minScript js file for all pages?

Hey guys,

Recently i have used minScript well in my project, but i have one problem, cause i want to use another layout

for some bussiness, and it has its own css and js, but i found that event i didn’t invoke the minScript in layout

file, the minScript css/js files are included in the page. This is not what i want, is there anyway to disable

minScript for some pages? Any suggestion appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

Embeded files in my pages:

<link href="/min/serve?g=f0dee7692f109bf9791a05f53c51111f&lm=1346683867" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">

<script src="/min/serve?g=bf775ebaea5a4cf06fd1f59a359a68e0&lm=1346681814" type="text/javascript"></script>

hey liaolliso

minScript automatically picks up files registered with CClientScript::registerScriptFile() and CClientScript::registerCssFile().

if you dont want to process these files with minScript, just add the HTML tags manually to your layout without using the CClientScript methods.