Minscript And Showscriptname=False


I have set up the minScript extension that works well and I just started the URL rewriting.

When using the option ‘showScriptName’=>false, my websites cannot find the script and css minimized by minScript anymore.

Both my URL rewriting and the minScript extension seem to work fine independently but I can’t get them to work together, can’t figure out why.

The action ExtMinScriptController > actionServe is usually called but not in the case of the 2 working toghether. Here is the interesting part of my my config file :













                '<action:(searchUser|myProfile|myPictures|register|resetPassword|logout)>' => 'user/<action>',

                '<action:(index|contact)>' => 'site/<action>',

                '<action:(inbox)>' => 'message/<action>',









Anyone has the same problem ?

Argh I modified the .htaccess in protected folder instead of root folder.

Works better now…