Migrations over time

This might be an impossible question to ask, but YII never ceases to amaze me.

I have created migrations and the database is up to date now.

Now while using it, they database will change. Is there a way to download the changes of the database, or do a complete database dump and migrate it back into yii.

Sure I can do a dump in phpmyadmin, remove the yii database, and import the dump. But I am wondering if there is a neater solution

Migrations are used for database schemas not database contents (not more than base data)

What you need is a backup tool.

That makes sense…

Any suggestions?

Yes. Well… that depends, really :)

Dump and restore:


I personally believe in using SSH and the command-line.

When I write migrations, I make sure that I can apply them to the production server at any time without breaking anything.

I also have some migrations that inserts data.

I also think that at least one person has written an export DB (SQL) to migration script…

You have lots of options.

Thank you… YII continues to amaze me, as well as the activity and support on this forum. I am glad I chose YII as my new platform !!