Migrations In Yii 2.0

Hi there,

what is the way to manage migrations in Yii2.0?

Previously it was enought to execute

yiic migrate create create_tablename

and a template got created in the migration folder. Now, typing the above command produces the following output

Yii Migration Tool (based on Yii v2.0.0-alpha)

No new migration found. Your system is up-to-date.

I could create the migration by hand, but it seems to be not so optimal. So, the question is: how to perform migrations in Yii2.0?


yii help migrate


yii migrate/create new_migration 

Thanks! I was always typing

yii help

and always missing the bottom of the output though it says quite clear

To see the help of each command, enter: 

yii help <command-name>

I should have read the instructions more carefully.

Thanks a lot! That was exactly the command I needed!