"Migration-proof" installation/configuration


I’m planning to develop a PHP app and deploy it at a free server (http://www.110mb.com…php?un=cesarakg - PHP and PDO_SQLite) but I have some quirks to deal with:

[list type=decimal]

[*]In my computer I have shell acess (Linux), but no shell in http://www.110mb.com…php?un=cesarakg, so all work needed to do in command line must be done in one computer, and the result transfered via FTP to the server.

[*]In my computer, the web root of the app will be something like [color=red]/home/user/public_html/myapp/[/color] and in the http://www.110mb.com…php?un=cesarakg it will be [color=red]/www/110mb.com/c/e/s/a/r/a/k/g/cesarakg/htdocs/[/color] - under this scheme, the URL to the app will be [color=red]http://localhost/~user/myapp[/color] in my computer, but will be [color=red]http://cesarakg.110mb.com/[/color] in the Internet (the site is working, but have only a stub page). If all goes right, I will change it to a domain under .com.br, something like http://www.myapp.com.br (e.g.)

[*]I want to “install” /framework under [color=red]/home/user/public_html/myapp/[/color] in my computer, so it will be under /[color=red]www/110mb.com/c/e/s/a/r/a/k/g/cesarakg/htdocs/[/color] in http://www.110mb.com…php?un=cesarakg.


The first problem is to install the app after the command:

So, you an see I have some conversion to do before transfer, like changing the base dir of the database from [color=red]/home/user/public_html/myapp/protected/data/myapp.db[/color] to [color=red]/www/110mb.com/c/e/s/a/r/a/k/g/cesarakg/htdocs/protected/data/myapp.db[/color], but I think there's a better way to do this, something like don't using full paths, but relative paths. So I was starting thinking how to change this line.

But it is only part of the problem.

What about the scaffolding?

Will this work? And can be safely transferred "as-is" or I will have to use a script to change references in the source code? Any ideas?

You can set the location of Yii and your app in index.php:



and as in this example (blog demo) db will be fine with no change: