Migration Problem


My dev box(ubuntu, php 5.2) runs the my app fine. Even when I download onto a windows box it runs fine.

But when I tried to migrate it to prod (FC6, php 5.1.6) the app runs but authentication doesn’t.

application.log records the following:

./protected/runtime/application.log:2009/12/01 01:37:10 [error] [php] unserialize() [<a href=‘function.unserialize’>function.unserialize</a>]: Argument is not a string (/var/www/html/lmt/admin/protected/frameworks/Yii/web/auth/CDbAuthManager.php:96)

Any idea what this means and how to fix it?



I solved it by removing unserialize () in whole file. No issues yet. But still can’t figure out why the problem.

Why is there an unserialize anyway?

It occurs because a field [data] in tables [authassignment] and [authitem] matters NULL, it is necessary to replace it on " (an empty line) and all will be good. Quite possibly that too it will be necessary to do for a field [bizrule]

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