Migration from Prado 3.1.6

  1. Somehow - 6 months ago - I found Prado and not Yii… so I’ve invested a LOT of time in learning the framework and developing an application. Is there any info on porting Prado over to Yii?

  2. I was a Mambo fan until it forked into Joomla… and monitored the two closely in order to decide which camp to follow. Is there any public info on why the developers left Prado and started Yii? I.e. why couldn’t they have achieved the same result by enhancing the original framework?

There where some statements on both forums (prado+yii) here and there, but you’ll have to search a little. I guess you know this topic:


Frankly, even though i’ve developed for Prado, I personally never really loved the Prado templates and how they e.g. mix up view logic with validation rules. So i understand Qiang’s decision to better start from scratch instead of trying to change Prado. The basic philosophy behind both is different.

BTW i’m actually also migrating a PRADO-Shop to Yii. I find it not really hard, even if you sometimes have to implement a feature a little different. But in the end the code is less complex and easier to read.