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Hello World

Questions for experienced,

1st, database migration, can we keep the names of tables,columns and stored content, that are created for CakePHP?

2nd, Is there translate behavior like one in cakephp? I can not find it.


You shouldn’t come across any problems with the db migration.

For translation you might want to take a look here:


Thanks for reply, but I’m still confused,

My web application should have the ability to translate articles from one language to another. For example, the author publishes an article in the Croatian language, then translated into English, the third person translated the article into Russian, etc. All translations are stored in an additional table …

CakePHP for this task use the Translate Behavior

But, for the next web project I can not use CakePHP, because we build ‘large scale’ application, and now we are looking for the new framework…


There is no ready to use solution in the core but there are some in extensions like this http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/i18n-activerecord/

Thank You!

If this one will not fit, Yii have behaviors support so you should be able to port Cake’s one.