Migration Error

Hello all,

I am following instruction on book but I get the following error when running "yiic migrate"

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘$this’ (T_Variable in …

Can someone please help



That was a pain I had to undergo.

There was an answer on Stackoverflow and I am not allowed to embed links;

Simple Answer:

the root cause of the problem when copying code snippets from Kindle books: when you copy text from the Kindle app, it uses hex code 0xA0 for space characters, not 0x20. Hex code 0xA0 is extended ASCII for non-breaking whitespace. Well, this doesn’t work when you are expecting to copy-and-paste HTML literal strings, as was the case in the aforementioned posting.

And so this explains the behavior in the aforementioned posting: the original poster indicated that he could get around the problem by hand-retyping all of the text. It’s because the hand re-typing was using proper 0x20.

This had other symptoms which I didn’t understand at first but are now explained: my text editor (Notepad++) was not correctly identifying the reserved keywords in my source code. Again, this is because the keywords were separated by 0xA0, not 0x20. The keyword parser in Notepad++ must be tokenizing off of 0x20.

Solution: after pasting text from Kindle, perform a search and replace using regular expression searching capabilities in your source code editor. Search for regular expression \xA0 and replace it with \x20 (or, depending on your editor just type in a single space bar character in the Replace field [that is how Notepad++ works]).

I created database with the name "trackstar", and also create a table with the name "tbl_project", now i want to create a migrate for this table.

when I create a migrate using this command-:

C:\xampp\htdocs\trackstar\protected>yiic migrate create create_projects_table

there is an error…

‘yii’ is not recognized as an in

operable program or batch file.

please help me out this problem…

how should I create migrate for a particular database table ?

try editing your yiic.bat file.set PHP_COMMAND=php.exe -c c:\path\toyour\php.ini

If you receive an error message stating that account migration from a Minecraft to a Mojang account failed, please first make sure that you have typed your information correctly, and that you do not already have a migrated account under the same email address. If you have created a blank Mojang account, or have one from purchasing another game, you will need to log into your account with that email address, and migrate your account that way.