Migrating datagrid sorting from 1.0.x to 1.1.x


I am sorry, if this question has already been asked. I searched around but could not find any hits on this.

My sorting was working fine in 1.0.11. Now after migrating to 1.1.0, i see that , i am unable to sort on columns that are basically part of a relation with another table.

for example… this was my sort attribute collection

$sort->attributes = array(‘lpno’,‘vinno’,‘places.placename’=>‘places’);

sorting by lpno and vinno works fine. but places.placename fails. The application does not throw up any error, but the asc and desc dont show up on the links and the page just reloads with no difference to the data.

is there a way to understand the migration path ? can somebody please point me to the right resource that I can read ?



CSort is changed in 1.1. Please read the new API documentation for CSort.