Migrating A Popular Web App From Wordpress To Yii. Need To Create Url Routing Exactly Like Wordpress Permalinks


I’m hoping you guys can help me before I make the final dive. I started a website years ago using Wordpress, even though it’s not a blog, back when I didn’t have a clue on how to develop my own web application. It receives thousands of visitors daily and about 70% of those are from referrals from sites such as Google and Facebook.

In order to maintain traffic to my website and not lose my Search Engine Rankings I need to use the same permalinks with Yii as I did with Wordpress.

Using Yii, is it possible to route a link such as "www.website.com/this-is-a-new-post" to a controller of my choice? From reading the documentation it only shows me examples where a controller must specified in the URL e.g. "www.website.com/controller/this-is-a-new-post".

Thanks for any help!

Search this forum for ‘SluggableBehavior’ - alternatively use Google search as the forum search generally sucks.